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What is CBD?

CBD is a substance that is derived from the hemp plant. Following filtration and distillation to break apart the individual components, a cannabinoid-rich oil is produced, which is more well-known as cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the hemp plant, which means you can experience all the positive effects without experiencing the dizzying ‘high’ feeling.

What is broad-spectrum CBD?

  1. Broad-spectrum CBD contains various compounds and cannabinoids from the hemp plant but does not contain THC. This provides the user with the heightened effects of all the different compounds in the hemp plant working together, known as the ‘entourage effect, but without consuming any THC, so you won’t experience any psychoactive effects such as a dizzying ‘high’.

What is CBD Oil

What are CBD Edibles:

Transport yourself back to your younger years with our delicious CBD gummies, all infused with broad-spectrum CBD. Our CBD edibles come in a wide array of tasty treats such as; strawberries, cherries and gummy bottles.Tropic Mango

Choosing CBD edibles is the most discreet way of taking your CBD dose as you simply place the gummies in your mouth and enjoy. This also means you can walk around with your CBD sweets at any time or any place and can conveniently take your CBD gummies when its time to do so.Delta-8 THC Gummies – Sour Strawberry Diesel


Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Invert Sugar, Acid: Citric Acid, Malic Acid; Gelling Agent: Pectin; Humectant: Sorbitol; Fruit Juice Concentrate; Apple (1%); Acid Regulator: Trisodium Citrate, Natural Flavours: Strawberry; Colours: Black Carrot Concentrate, Spirulina Concentrate, Turmeric, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract.Weed in Darwin Australia



All of our products are manufactured in a controlled GMP-certified lab using industry-leading CO2 extraction methods. These products are continually tested for accuracy, cannabinoid profiles, and pesticides in an independent laboratory. Lab reports are available upon request.CBD Gummy Bears

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