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Buy weed online Santorini Greece

Buy weed online Santorini Greece. It can be tough to obtain cannabis once you arrive on Santorini. Because it is mostly a family and upmarket resort, buying cannabis on the island itself may be difficult. Try looking for cannabis in one of the larger Greek towns, such as Thessaloniki or Athens, both of which we have guides for. The quality of weed in Greece varies, but the majority of it is imported from Albania and cultivated outdoors, so it isn’t the best. Prices vary, especially for tourists, but the standard is 30 euros per gram.


Where to get cannabis/Marijuana in Santorini, Greece. Santorini is one of Greece’s most naturally stunning islands, as well as one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. One of the greatest volcanic eruptions in history occurred on the island. The eruption obliterated earlier towns on Santorini and may have aided the Minoan civilization’s demise. The island now attracts millions of visitors each year. On the other hand, it is e

xtremely difficult to obtain weed in Santorini due to strict Greek restrictions. But continue reading to find a way out. Buy Vape Online


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