Berry Pie

Berry Pie

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Blueberry Pie is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% Sativa) strain created through a cross of the classic Girl Scout Cookies X Blue Dream strains.

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Buy Berry Pie in Kansas. berry-pie cookies. The Indica properties of berry-pie cookies make it a top choice by many people suffering from insomnia and chronic pain. It is those same Indica effects that also make the strain good for night time use. It is also heavily prescribed for those dealing with disorders affecting their ability to cope with stress, nervousness, and anxiety. Order Motor Breath Jungleboys in Chicago
Blackberry Kush exact heritage is unknown though it is estimated by most dispensaries to be roughly eighty percent Indica. There are those that say it a cross between an Afghani, a pure Indica, and one of the Blackberry strains while others say the Afghani was crossed not with a Blackberry but DJ Short Blueberry. Buy MoneyBagg Runtz in Dammam Some believe the Afghani was part of a Blackberry strain that is the father which then crossed with a Bubba Kush. A few believe that Bubba Kush was instead crossed with a DJ Short Blueberry to produce berry-pie cookies. Buy Cherry Pie

Buy Berry Pie in Kansas

Buy Berry Pie in Kansas. Blueberry Pie is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% Sativa) strain created through a cross of the classic Girl Scout Cookies X Blue Dream strains. buy Moonrock Pre-rolls With a powerful THC content and level and dreamy relaxing effects, you’ll be hooked after just one toke of this delicious bud. The Blueberry Pie high starts with a cerebral boost of euphoric energy felt a few minutes upon exhale. This happy effect builds and builds, infusing you with a feeling of hazy introspection that lulls your mind and body down into a deeply relaxed state. Your energy level will ebb and flow in this state, leaving you rolling through uplifted energy and calming sedation. Thanks to these long-lasting effects, Buy Berry Pie in Kansas  Blueberry Pie is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic stress, insomnia, depression, chronic pain, and fatigue. The Blueberry Pie flavor is exactly what the name suggests – sweet berries and earth with a touch of vanilla and nuttiness.  The smell takes on a spicier earthier tinge with a sweet pungent berry effect that’s released as the nugs are broken apart. This bud has lumpy pieces of forest green nugs with rich amber hairs and a coating of tiny amber crystal trichomes. Where to Order pills Online USA

14 reviews for Berry Pie

  1. Robertson

    Thanks, sir I received my package, must surely come back for more

  2. Barry clark

    This pie is really very good! Nice size, thaws nicely (on my kitchen countertop), jammed with berries but not runny, good crust, overall very flavorful without being sugary. I just tried it for the first time after reading many excellent reviews and wanted to add my own two thumbs up!

  3. Julie Williams

    Make your own or go to your favorite bakery. This item really isn’t that good.

  4. Andre Lee

    I found this to be pretty good, although others claimed it was “too sweet”. Warmed in the microwave and served with a scoop of ice-cream, I thought it was close to perfect. Not costly, for a post dinner dessert for 4-6 people and keeps in fridge for several days.

  5. Robert Catlin

    Packed with barries, there is no thick sauce taste. The crust is delicious, and flakey. I was surprised how packed with berries this pie is.!! Warm or cold, it is a great pie….and the price is right also!!

  6. Nick Workman

    this is the best tasting berry pie I’ve had in a long time. Perfect warm with vanilla ice cream on top.

  7. Kenneth Hunt

    OK the good points were a nice buttery crust and the filling was overflowing with berries. The only bad point were that the berries were a bit on the sour / bitter side, needed more sugar. Many have just been a bad, unripe batch. Will try again

  8. Samuel Edward

    This pie is one of the best in flavour of both the filling and crust! Probably one of the few pies, at least recently, where I really enjoyed the crust as much as the filling! The filling is sweet and tangy, with enough. The crust is flakey and buttery. You will enjoy this better than most homemade!!!

  9. Josie Willis Eva

    I’m surprised by how tasty the pie turned out. My boyfriend and I used frozen berries from Trader Joe’s and split the pie with some lemon ice cream. I bought this as a “back up” for a holiday gift exchange coming up next week–thinking that I might find something else–however, I’m keeping it and planning on ordering another for the gift exchange. It was too cute and ended up actually being pretty versatile. I think the pie pan is the perfect size for a weeknight treat (think brownies), but I’ve used it since baking the pie as a serving piece for dip. I could see myself ordering a couple of these to do during a winter girls-night-in and keeping the pans to have a set for serving vegetables and other side dishes. Being able to keep them warm in the oven is a major plus.

  10. Nikola Nikolic

    This is good for a mini-pie – came out good

  11. Tom Palsa

    Overall happy with this cute little kit. Originally bought as a gift, but decided to keep for myself 🙂 Makes a delicious personal pie, functional little trinket. Would make a great gift for future occasions

  12. Gary Iness

    I almost talked myself out of writing a review, fearing it would jinx the pie. What if we praise it so much that they take down the real berries, up the sugar, or hike the price?
    This pie is almost too good to be true for a grocery store pie, much better than any grocery store pie we’ve tried, fresh or frozen. The berry flavor amazing and not too sweet.

  13. Grigore Firsa

    This is such an adorable gift for any friend that loves baking. It truly is a value product as the cost is extremely reasonable but what you get seems luxurious and well-made. You have the opportunity to get your own filling to ensure freshness and that the pie has the exact fillings you want. Would definitely repurchase.

  14. Rob Beaufort

    I made the pie. Instructions easy and finished pie looked great. I can imagine buying multiples next time for a flashy dessert. Did not use the entire spice packet and berries came out tart. May have been the fact that I didn’t use packet so can’t fault product.

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